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Advocate Yitzchak (Itzik) Shittrit grew up and was educated in Israel. Prior to joining the Israel Bar Association in 2009, Yitzchak worked in Israel and in the UK, in banking, in manufacturing, with the Israel Defense Forces, and as a senior manager for the Jewish Agency.


He noticed that many people, both Israeli locals and foreigners, found Israel’s often complex bureaucracy cumbersome and difficult to navigate. He was always quick to offer help; Yitzchak is someone who can get things done, calmly and quickly and with minimum fuss. Yitzchak’s broad base of expertise both in Israel and abroad, in the public and private sector, gives him a sound base of experience. Unlike many who advertise their services to English-speakers, Yitzchak is truly bilingual, and will explain everything in English to his clients.


Yitzchak Shittrit offers legal representation in property transactions and all aspects of civil, commercial and family law.

As a lawyer, Yitzchak’s motto is that “nothing is too much trouble”. He goes the extra mile, believing that every client deserves the best possible service. In short, he takes care of the red tape, so his clients can simply get on with enjoying their lives.


The Yitzchak Shittrit Law Offices are based in central Tel Aviv. Yitzchak also works with clients throughout Israel and abroad.