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Property Law

Advocate Yitzchak Shittrit has vast experience in the field of Real Estate law in Israel.  The firm provides a full range of real estate legal services across Israel to commercial and individual clients both from Israel and abroad.  The firm represents owners, developers, property managers, tenants and investors in all types of transactions from routine purchase agreements and real estate oriented consulting to complicated development plans.


Commercial real estate matters in Israel often call for local knowledge and expertise in specialised and related areas of law.  Advocate Shittrit  can address a broad range of legal questions.


From finding a property and/or initial consultation regarding any property in Israel through advising as to the financing, all the way through to closing the deal, the firm takes care of all the hassles for you. All communications with the client can be carried out in either Hebrew or English, so the client is kept “in the loop” at every stage.

Property Management

If you own a property, it can be highly beneficial and cost effective to use an experienced Israeli Real Estate Lawyer and Property Manager to look after your interests. He is up to date on the latest estate laws and regulations, and local tax rules, so as to draw up the contract and make sure all tenancy agreements are problem free.


Yitzchak Shittrit will be your representative in Israel with all the relevant local connections, available to meet with service providers and tenants and ensuring that the contract is enforced.


All members of the Israeli Bar Association are bound by the strict professional codes dictated by the professional body. A lawyer in Israel is liable to keep any monies received that are earmarked for acquisition of a property in trust  - therefore a client can rest assured that his money is safe. 

Family Law & Wills

If you have moved to live in Israel, you should draft a new Will in accordance with Israeli law.


The Will can be prepared in either English or Hebrew so that it is fully compliant with Israeli legal requirements, and you have full peace of mind.


If a relative has passed away and left real estate property in Israel, Advocate Shittrit will facilitate a Succession or Probate Order from the competent Israeli authority (the Family Court, Inheritance Registrar or Rabbinate Tribunal). He will represent you to the relevant authorities, including Tax and the Municipality.

Commercial Law

If you are looking to set up or transfer a business to Israel, the firm can provide you with advice on all the steps you need to take.  Yitzchak Shittrit can put in place the legal foundations for your business, and make sure that you comply with all the local requirements.  He will ensure that you get more specialist legal advice if you require it, acting on your behalf as required.  He can also provide legal advice on commercial issues in Israel to your Board and directors, and represent you and your interests in negotiations with Israeli third parties be they customers, suppliers, or the Authorities.